Save A Life SAFETY Training LLC

CPR/AED and First Aid - ASHI Certification

OSHA Outreach Training

For your convenience, we offer blended classes:

A combination of 24/7 access to online learning followed by in person limited contact hands on training.

Please remember to wear a mask during class. Please allow 30 to 40 minutes for the in person training.

In person hands on group classes at Save A Life Training Center are available daily morning and evening classes available.

We also offer group classes at your location on your schedule. As us about large group discounts.

Emergency Training-ASHI

On site group training available daily

AHSI Certifications:

Find out more about each certification to determine which on is right for your situation or register now.

Once you register, you will be able to choose a date to attend the in person hands on training.

Hands on Classes available daily in Holly Springs

  • On site group training classes available.

  • We specialize in Corporate training. On-Site Training - We Bring the Class to you! Learning at your location on your schedule.


Course Delivery:

24/7 access to online learning at your pace on your schedule.

Followed by in person instructor review and skills demonstration.

Written and in person skills testing required for certification.

Certification Card:

Valid for 1 year - BBP

Valid for 2 years - BLS, CPR/AED & First Aid courses

Identifies instructor’s name and instructor number

Accepted by Military, Federal, State, Local agencies and private sector.

Save A Life provides you with comprehensive training to ensure you feel confident with using life saving skills.

See what others are saying:

OSHA General Industry training covers everyone from manufacturing to office work.

OSHA construction training covers most construction work to residential and commercial structures, including site preparation, decorating and refurbishment.

On-site bilingual instruction available: Spanish and English classes available

  • Daily group classes are held at our training center in Holly Springs, NC

  • We travel all over the east coast, North Carolina, Virginia, DC, South Carolina, New York, Florida, and continental USA to deliver corporate training.

  • Remote classes available for continental USA and territories.

Everyone should have CPR/AED training and should be comfortable in performing it.

CPR/AED is required in certain professions, including but not limited to:

Healthcare Workers

Childcare Providers

School Personnel

Fitness Coaches/Instructors

If you are not sure which CPR certification is right for you, please fill out a contact form and write a brief description of the job you will be performing.

A digital certification card is included with all of our emergency certification courses. There is NO additional charge to download your digital certification card.

CPR, BLS and First Aid certifications are good for two years. Blood Borne Pathogen Certification is good for one year.